Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Find Time:

Search Keyword: “Time in India”

Search Keyword: “Time in Chennai”

Weather Report:

Search Keyword: “Weather in Chennai”

Search Keyword: “Weather in Puducherry”


Search Keyword: “1 USD in INR”

Search Keyword: “1 AUD in INR”

Sunset and Sunrise

Search Keyword: “Sunrise in Chennai”

Search Keyword: “Sunset in Chennai”


Search Keyword: “25000 + 5000 * 4 / 10”

Note: Beauty of this result, it shows the order of the calculation using bracket.

Search Keyword: 1250000 * 17.8%

Complex Calculations:

Search Keyword:

FileType Based Search:

Search Keyword: “Analytical functions filetype:ppt”

Search Keyword: “Analytical functions filetype:pdf”

Google will do search only upto 10 words, so in search criteria should be crisp…

Best way is to add * matching words

Search Keyword: {“Analytical * functions”}

But asterisk (*) will not work for characters

Search Keyword: {“Anal*ical functions”}

When should we go for “+”

Search Keyword: Analytical and Logical

In above example “and” is not considered into account for search, because Google have some common words to skip while do searching.  

To override the functionality we have to add “+” symbol before the common keywords

Search Keyword: Analytical +and Logical

To find the exact words:

We need to add quotes (“”)

Search Keyword: {“Analytical Function”}

To find, the web pages has a link to the particular site

Search Keyword: {}

To find sites which are having more or less the same behaviors of other site?

e.g (find a searching site similar to Google)

e.g (find a form based site similar to javaranch)

Search Keyword:

It’s also possible to view the old page when Google crawl it for Keywords using the “Cached” link…

Mozila Firefox has the advantage to start cache of Top Google results before we open it. So it’s fast to retrieve the result.


Ganesh V
Date: 22nd June 2011